If you are looking for an efficient way to create plenty of hot water for your home we offer a range of quality hot water heat pumps from Sanden, Bosch and Quantum. Please select from the options below or contact us if you require any further information and sizing.

STC REBATES: When you purchase and install a new hot water heat pump you can claim an STC rebate (STCs, or Small-scale Technology Certificates, are a commodity that you can use for trade. You can obtain these certificates when you purchase a renewable energy system). The below prices include the STC rebate as an upfront discount. (Valid in South Australia only)

To offer the upfront STC discount we will require proof of name and address eg: rates notice, electricity bill etc., A COC from the plumber and electrician and on completion filling in of the supplied paperwork.  If the above information/ proof cannot be supplied we reserve the right to charge the you the balance of the STC’s.

Please contact us and ask how you can buy a new hot water heat pump and SA Heat Pumps Adelaide can offer you the STC rebate as an upfront discount.