SA Heat Pumps Adelaide wants you to enjoy energy efficient hot water using heat stored in the air to heat your hot water. We have chosen the best quality heat pumps on the market to make sure you get reliable hot water and save money on your energy bills. The manufacturers we support include Sanden, Quantum, and Bosch as these products are extremely robust and market leaders.

SA Heat Pumps offer:

  • Supply and install (Adelaide only)
  • The best heat pumps on the market
  • Low online prices
  • Residential heat pump hot water solutions
  • Change over from existing gas, gravity fed or electric storage water heaters
  • Change over from existing solar or electric heating
  • Upfront STC discounts available on hot water systems

Why would I want a heat pump in Adelaide?

  • A heat pump is a device that uses a small amount of energy to create a large amount of heat.
  • For every kw/h of electricity they use they will output between 3kw/h to 5kw/h.
  • This will save money on your power bill
  • No need for Solar panels on roof and more efficient than solar

What are hot water heat pumps?

A hot water heat pump is a hot water system that extracts heat out of the air to heat the water in the tank.

Depending on the ambient temperature, with one-part electrical energy, you can convert up to five parts environmental energy into heating energy. The temperature of the environmental energy (air), if it’s sitting between -10°C to +35°C, is brought to a temperature level ideal for heating your hot water system. During this process, the water is “pumped” from the low temperature level to the right level. Download the Australian Government Heat Pump Water Heater Guide for Households

A heat pump is a little like a reverse refrigerator. Here’s the process:


* The outside air is drawn into the heat pump by a fan into an evaporator containing a special type of refrigerant, which is stored in pipes. The refrigerant used in our Sanden and Bosch units isn’t a CFC, so it doesn’t negatively affect the earth’s ozone layer.

* This refrigerant has an evaporation or boiling point of -26C; whereas water has a boiling point of 100C. Even low air temperatures of -10C are enough to make the refrigerant “boil”. The air that has been drawn into the system, which is far warmer than the refrigerant, “boils” the refrigerant changing it from a liquid into a gas inside the heat pump’s piping.

* A compressor then pumps the now gaseous refrigerant through a small valve, which compresses it; resultingin the generation of a great deal of heat.

* A heat exchanger transfers the heat from the heated refrigerant gas pipes to a tank where water is stored.

* The temperature of the refrigerant is now low as the energy has been transferred to the water, so it returns back to a liquid state and the heat pump cycle can start again.

Heat pumps use approximately one third the energy of an electric water heater, saving $$$ on your power bills.

SA Heat Pumps Adelaide do not recommend the installation of heat pumps in RECs zone 4. Zones 1 & 2 are generally warm enough to enable efficient operation of heat pumps. The yearly average ambient temperature should be equal to or greater than 19 degrees Celsius.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you have solar PV installed a hot water heat pump is a great complementary product to help you reduce the amount of electricity you use. Some heat pumps come with a smart controller that allows you to set the times it can run. The timer can be set to allow your heat pump to run during the day when you are generating power.

A good quality hot water heat pump will be quiet when it runs. In particular the Sanden Eco Hot Water Heat Pump offers whisper quiet operation, with industry leading noise level of 37 dB – very neighbour friendly!

Yes hot water heat pumps are assigned STC’s that can be traded. SA Heat Pumps Adelaide can offer you the STC rebate as an upfront discount off your purchase price.
Check out our rebates page and list of high rebate areas.

Here! If you are based in South Australia we can provide a price for a hot water heat pump to suit your requirements and also offer an installation service. For installation Australia wide we can supply the unit only which your local plumber can install.

Yes even though we are based in Adelaide we can design and install heat pump hot water systems in areas within 30km of a major town in South Australia. Also if you are in another State we can put you in contact with a local installer.

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